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Dental Home Care in 3 Easy Steps

 We all know that dental home care is important for our pets, but brushing their teeth on a daily basis can seem like such a cumbersome task that we just can’t find the time for but that’s not the case.  Taking care of your pets teeth is quite simple all you need is some gauze, a toothbrush, pet friendly toothpaste and 5 minutes.  Here are three easy steps to make dental home care seem like a less daunting task, and some tips and tricks to help you complete them:   STEP 1  – Massage gum line with gauze square First
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Dr. Conway and Veterinary Dental Practices

I was in Florida last week with my siblings and family. I had a nice break and enjoyed the weather and the change of pace. However, you can change my location but not my passion. So, one day I visited a Veterinary Dental Specialist in Florida, Dr Jan Bellows.  Dr Bellows and his practice have many similarities with MVH, namely: we both have a general practice with three veterinarians as well as a dental specialty practice; we both are AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited and MVH has been since 1987. We are both feline friendly, MVH is a gold
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