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Spring Safety Tips and Potential Hazards

While illness and injury can happen all year round, some problems are more prevalent seasonally. Below are some spring safety tips to keep in mind this season.   Spring (Dental) Cleaning Periodontal disease is the most common disorder that affects cats and dogs. Dental disease can cause much more than just bad breath for your pet; it can cause tooth and gum loss and also lead to heart disease. In case you missed National Pet Dental Health Month, learning more about your pet’s mouth and teeth is important all year round. Speak to one of our staff members today.  
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Questions To Ask About Your Pet’s Diet

Pet owners love their pets and are always looking to purchase a diet that is the best for their four footed family members.  In today’s market where there are diets that are grain free, organic, natural, high protein, made with human grade ingredients …where does one turn to decipher the value of statements made by the manufacturers? There are many commercial brands of diets on the market these days, unfortunately, they may not all be what they claim to be.  The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) have published nutritional assessment guidelines for
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Dr. Conway and Veterinary Dental Practices

I was in Florida last week with my siblings and family. I had a nice break and enjoyed the weather and the change of pace. However, you can change my location but not my passion. So, one day I visited a Veterinary Dental Specialist in Florida, Dr Jan Bellows.  Dr Bellows and his practice have many similarities with MVH, namely: we both have a general practice with three veterinarians as well as a dental specialty practice; we both are AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited and MVH has been since 1987. We are both feline friendly, MVH is a gold
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