Dr. Conway and Veterinary Dental Practices

I was in Florida last week with my siblings and family. I had a nice break and enjoyed the weather and the change of pace. However, you can change my location but not my passion. So, one day I visited a Veterinary Dental Specialist in Florida, Dr Jan Bellows.  Dr Bellows and his practice have many similarities with MVH, namely: we both have a general practice with three veterinarians as well as a dental specialty practice; we both are AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited and MVH has been since 1987. We are both feline friendly, MVH is a gold feline friendly practice and both of our hospitals are working to be a fear free environment for both pets and their owners.  Dr Bellows and I shared ideas, experiences and ways to help our patients and clients. I am bringing back some great tips to help the MVH family. Dr Bellows has run 79 marathons, I have walked/run a half marathon in Philadelphia. My new goal is to walk 15,000 steps a day, which is going to be more difficult on my surgery days but I am up for the challenge.


This week, my passion for dentistry continued as Dr Chen and I attended a seminar at the TAVM (Toronto Academy of Veterinary Medicine) about Veterinary dental procedures by Dr Luskin a veterinary dental specialist from Baltimore. I wanted to welcome him to Toronto and I always learn something from these educational events. The lecture was very informative and Dr. Chen and myself went home with some new tricks .

Tidbit for us to try – if your pet doesn’t like or won’t let you apply 1-TDCTM (a periodontal treatment to reduce inflammation in the mouth and joints) to their nose, tooth or gums, try applying it transdermally (to the inside of the ear) instead.

Dr Lana Conway  DVM, FAVD Dipl AVDC