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Chocolate – a big no no

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Chocolate may be what we want as a gift from a loved one but for dogs chocolate is a big no no. Below is a fantastic article from Veterinary Partner on chocolate toxicity signs and animals. Chocolate Toxicity Signs in Dogs   Tony Johnson, DVM, DACVECC Date Published: 02/05/2014Date Reviewed/Revised: 12/19/2019 Photo by VIN Most pet owners know that chocolate is bad for dogs and can cause significant problems for a dog; cats are usually too finicky to eat it. But what signs of chocolate toxicity should you look for when you know your dog ate chocolate, and what
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Stress Free Veterinary Visits

Ask anyone in the veterinary field why they chose a career in animal care and most will tell you that they wanted to make lives better for pets. Unfortunately, not all animals are willing participants in this process. Like people who visit any medical professional, there are those who are very afraid of these visits. Human dentists have long recognized this and offer a wide range of services, from simple sedation with nitrous gas to full anesthetic to allow people who are afraid of the dental visit to get the care they require. In the veterinary field we too have
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