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How to Check your Pet’s Dental Health

Every day is the time to keep your pet’s oral and dental health. The eyes may be the mirror to the soul, but the mouth leads to the rest of the body. To be able to keep the mouth happy, healthy and free of halitosis (bad breath), it is important to know how to check your pet’s oral and dental health and what signs to look for.   Dental Health: 1. The Breath Test When having cuddle time with your pet be sure to sniff your pet’s breath. It can smell like the food you fed, the socks they stole, or
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Dental Home Care in 3 Easy Steps

 We all know that dental home care is important for our pets, but brushing their teeth on a daily basis can seem like such a cumbersome task that we just can’t find the time for but that’s not the case.  Taking care of your pets teeth is quite simple all you need is some gauze, a toothbrush, pet friendly toothpaste and 5 minutes.  Here are three easy steps to make dental home care seem like a less daunting task, and some tips and tricks to help you complete them:   STEP 1  – Massage gum line with gauze square First
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Dr. Conway and Veterinary Dental Practices

I was in Florida last week with my siblings and family. I had a nice break and enjoyed the weather and the change of pace. However, you can change my location but not my passion. So, one day I visited a Veterinary Dental Specialist in Florida, Dr Jan Bellows.  Dr Bellows and his practice have many similarities with MVH, namely: we both have a general practice with three veterinarians as well as a dental specialty practice; we both are AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited and MVH has been since 1987. We are both feline friendly, MVH is a gold
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