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Health Tips – Dog Days of Summer

Summer time is a season full of great opportunities to do things outdoors.  As we prepare ourselves for the hot days ahead by buying sunscreen, and water bottles to take with us on excursions, it is important not to forget about our four footed companions.  Here are some mindful health tips to help us take care of our pets.   Health Tip 1: CARS It does not take long for the temperature to rise inside a car on a warm day.  A car can go from 25C to 71C while in the sun.  Temperatures of 47C can be reached inside
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Summer Health Tips for your Pet

While illness and injury can happen all year round, some problems are more prevalent seasonally. Below are a few items to keep in mind as we enter the summer season.   Too Hot to Trot Walking barefoot across asphalt, concrete or sand on a hot sunny day can be extremely painful. Your pet’s paws are just as sensitive to this heat as your bare feet are. So it is best to avoid these surfaces if possible. This can be done by walking your pet during the cooler morning and evening hours or walking on grass or cooler surfaces.   Keep
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