Stress Free Veterinary Visits

Ask anyone in the veterinary field why they chose a career in animal care and most will tell you that they wanted to make lives better for pets. Unfortunately, not all animals are willing participants in this process. Like people who visit any medical professional, there are those who are very afraid of these visits. Human dentists have long recognized this and offer a wide range of services, from simple sedation with nitrous gas to full anesthetic to allow people who are afraid of the dental visit to get the care they require. In the veterinary field we too have recognized that a relaxed, calm, stress free pet, instead of an anxious and fearful one, will allow for a more complete physical exam and more accurate results in blood tests and other diagnostics.

Here are some options to help make their trip to the veterinary clinic more pleasant:

Stress Free Tips For Cats:

  1. Leave the carrier out all the time.  Place treats inside that the cats likes.

  2. Spray Feliway inside the carrier.
  3. Medications given 2 hours prior to the visit to help alleviate the anxiety.
  4. Cat only rooms in clinics equipped with Feliway diffuser.
  5. Cat only appointment times in clinics
  6. Thundershirt.


Stress Free Tips For Dogs:

  1. Go to the vets with your dog hungry- respond better to treats when hungry.
  2. Adaptil spray on clothes.
  3. Medications given 2 hours prior to the visit to help alleviate the anxiety.
  4. Do stop-ins regularly; bring your dog in just to be weighed and have some treats
  5. Thundershirt


Feliway and Adaptil are synthetic copies of pheromones proven to help support cats and dogs in a range of stressful situations.  Quite often the effects of these sprays are immediate and last for 4-5 hours.

While we do not want to rely on drugs all the time, anti-anxiety medications are sometimes the best option for an animal that is so stressed and fearful that they become a danger not only to the people who are treating them, but sometimes themselves or their owners too.  The medications would only need to be given prior to any scheduled visit.

Our job is not only to look after the physical health of pets but also their emotional well-being.  Our goal is that all pets have stress free trips to the vet. 

Please ask us about tips for a stress free visit to the veterinarian the next time you bring your pet to us.

Stephanie Chen DVM