Veterinary Technician Week – now a month long

Amanda and her 2 catsSince 1993, every third week of October celebrates National Veterinary Technician Week. This week is designed to educate the public about who we are as veterinary technicians and what we do within the veterinary clinic. However this year they have decided to dedicate all of October to veterinary technicians across Canada. In celebration of this I wanted to let people know what I do and why I became a veterinary technician.


Why did I become a veterinary technician?

Of course I love animals; as a vet tech that’s kind of a prerequisite. So I’ve always known that I wanted to have my career revolve around animals in some way or another. People often ask why a veterinary technician and not a veterinarian. Being hands on with a patient’s care has always appealed to me. Even though some of the things that we deal with are less than glamorous. It’s true getting pooped and peed on, can be a frequent occurrence. But still, I wanted to be the one sitting with animals holding their paws and helping them get better.


What do I do as a veterinary technician?

As a veterinary technician we deal with the day to day care of a patient. The veterinarian decides on the patient’s treatment plan and we execute that plan.  We can do everything from administering medications, taking blood, placing IV catheters, monitoring vitals and anesthesia to performing x-rays and more.  But most importantly we are behind the scenes making sure your pet is relaxed, comfortable and pain-free as possible, whether they are visiting us for surgery, hospitalized or having treatments done.  

black cat

There are so many aspects of my profession that I enjoy. However the best part of my day is seeing a patient that was ill or in pain leave us purring or with a wagging tail.

It’s what makes me say, this is why I love my job!


Amanda Cilio RVT