Seasonal Pet Safety Tips

There are potential dangers and changes that our pets encounter during the fall. The team at Martin Veterinary Hospital wants to help educate our clients about the greatest dangers they may come across. After all, the number one goal of our animal hospital in Etobicoke is to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Please review these health tips about pet safety and comfort. If you need more information, please contact us right away and we’ll be happy to help.


Most dogs and cats shed more fur in the fall before putting on their winter coat.  So be sure to keep your pet happy by providing daily or weekly brushing as needed.  They’ll enjoy it more than you know!  Ask us about using a comb, brush or rake.  Since different fur types require different care.  


It is important to be vigilant when it comes to using traps and rodenticides inside your house. Since many rodent poisons on the market if ingested are also toxic to cats and dogs and can be fatal. Also, consumption of a poisoned rodent can also be dangerous to your pet. If you believe your pet has consumed a rodenticide or poisoned rodent an immediate trip to the veterinary hospital is necessary, and be sure to bring along the information about the product with you.

Holiday Foods

Be aware of treating your dog with hearty foods.  Just because food isn’t toxic to your pet, doesn’t mean it is safe either. High-fat foods, such as stuffing and gravy, can cause serious gastrointestinal issues or painful and dangerous conditions like pancreatitis.  So it is best to not share your holiday meal with your pet.  The most common culprit of the holiday season is chocolate, which is potentially toxic to your pet depending on the quantity ingested and the type of chocolate. If your pet ingests chocolate contact us for further advice.