Seasonal Pet Safety Tips

There are potential dangers and changes that our pets encounter during the winter. The team at Martin Veterinary Hospital wants to help educate our clients about the greatest dangers they may come across. After all, the number one goal of our animal hospital in Etobicoke is to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Please review these health tips about pet safety and comfort. If you need more information, please contact us right away and we’ll be happy to help.


Wind Chill

Wind chill makes days much colder than actual temperatures.  It is important to be sensitive to your pet’s body temperature and limit outdoor time during harsh weather. Pets don’t always know when to come in from the cold. Their noses and paws are particularly susceptible to frost bite, so more frequent shorter walks may be the safer option.


Anti freeze

Anti freeze is a deadly, sweet tasting poison, which can kill pets if even a teaspoon is ingested. Small puddles in the garage or on the driveway are temptations for your pet, due to its sweet taste. Keep pets away from any spills and be sure to clean them up immediately.


Heat Sources

Be careful of supplemented heat sources.  Fireplaces, portable heaters, wood burning stoves can seriously burn your pet.  Cats jump on stoves and lie by heaters in the summer weather but then burn themselves when these are on in colder months.