Spring Safety Tips and Potential Hazards

While illness and injury can happen all year round, some problems are more prevalent
seasonally. Below are some spring safety tips to keep in mind this season.


Spring (Dental) Cleaninghospital

Periodontal disease is the most common disorder that affects cats and dogs. Dental disease can

cause much more than just bad breath for your pet; it can cause tooth and gum loss and also lead

to heart disease. In case you missed National Pet Dental Health Month, learning more about your

pet’s mouth and teeth is important all year round. Speak to one of our staff members today.



Springtime Slimdowncat

Even for us, it’s hard to keep up with exercise when it’s so cold in the winter months which can

lead to a little extra winter weight gain. Like us, exercising more, watching food portions and

avoiding treats between meals can help your pet get back to their healthy weight. Pets that are

overweight are more likely to develop serious conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and

joint problems. Speak to one of our staff to access your pet has gained weight and we’ll

be happy to help you create a weight loss plan.


Mosquitoes and Fleas and Ticks! Oh My!

These critters enjoy the warm sunny weather just as much as you do. Make sure to stay up to

date with your pet’s flea and tick treatments, and heartworm prevention medication. There are a

lot of options, so ask one of our veterinarians which treatment is best for your pet.


Dr Lana Conway  DVM, FAVD Dipl AVDC