girl with cat on shoulders at martin veterinary hospital

Allison, RVT

Allison is a graduate from Sheridan college’s veterinary technician class of 2023.

Allison grew alongside cats all her life and they became the first animals she loved. This led her to start having interests in other animals such as dogs, horses, guinea pigs and mice. Her father, who grew up in farm life, showed her the joys of animals big and small while her mom always shared her fun experiences with her various pets growing up, including a monkey! Having so much love for animals she knew she wanted them to be a big part of her life and decided to dedicate her time to helping care for them and educating others on how to care for their pets.

She lives in an animal filled home alongside her 3 pets. Bubu is a senior black domestic shorthair cat who still loves to play like a kitten. Morenita is another black domestic shorthair cat who regardless of her age always wants to cuddle with mom in the bed. Lastly, Benito is a rambunctious beagle who uses his smarts to get into all types of mischief for food.

Even with her own to care for she still has a strong love for all animals who come into her life and treats them as best she can.